Jeffrey’s Plumbing and Heating Service is the only plumber I feel confident to recommend to my friends and clients. They all thank me for the introduction and they continue to call them when the need arises. Also Jeffrey’s Plumbing is the only plumbing service I use in my own house. I have always been satisfied with their work.
~ Jamie Lis Stevens, Architect
“Water, water everywhere . . . who do I call?
Oh no - there's no hot water . . . who do I call?
And most importantly, who do you call to get fair pricing and good service?

I've been calling Jeffrey Kratowicz of Jeffrey Plumbing and Heating Service for many years. And I've never been disappointed.”
~ Mieko Joy Yoshida
Near North Montessori School
Operations and Facilities Director
I would love to recommend Jeffrey.

I originally met Jeffrey when we were remodeling a bathroom and he and his team did all of the install of new and replacement plumbing, moving a commode and new installation of a jacuzzi like tub. (We passed all inspections without question). Since then I have called on him to repair faulty and old plumbing in the rest of the house and to replace an old garbage disposal and kitchen sink plumbing.

Jeffrey has always shown up with a big warm smile and a willingness to crawl under small sinks and bale out smelly back-ups. I know when Jeffrey shows up the problem will be resolved and I won't have to worry about damage or cost. I consider Jeffrey's Plumbing an important resource for any home owner and a welcome addition to my phone book. I would recommend Jeffrey ofJeffrey's Plumbing to anyone needing plumbing work!
~ Cyd Smilie
Home Owner